Guest Speakers

Lydia X.Z. Brown

Young east asian person outside, craning their neck upward at a tree with brilliant orange/red leaves in autumn. Boston, Massachusetts, Fall 2015
Photo of Lydia X.Z. Brown from their website,

Lydia X.Z. Brown’s Website: Autistic¬†Hoya

Lydia X.Z. Brown’s Twitter Account

Aimi Hamraie

a black-and-white map of the Vanderbilt campus with accessible parking and routes indicated in red]
Map of the Vanderbilt Campus with accessible parking and routes indicated in red

Aimi Hamraie’s Mapping Access Project Website

Aimi Hamraie’s Twitter Account

Annette Vee

A black and white photo of a small dog on a couch or futon. There is a small, dark pillow next to the dog, and light is filtering in through the window
Photo of a cute dog named Remy

Annette¬†Vee’s Personal Website

Annette Vee’s Twitter Account


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Disability Justice Organizations

Link to the collaborative document on disability justice organizations

Accessibility Resources

Link to the collaborative document on accessibility tools

Organization Publications

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Academic Journal Publications